Suraj Arukil
Executive Board Member

Suraj is specialized in building digital business models by leveraging the power of Data, AI, Agile Digital Platform and Product Engineering.

As the CEO and Founder of Nuvento Inc., he has made that the focus when crafting its products and services. Nuvento helps clients manage their digital transformation in countries like USA, KSA, Canada, UAE, and India. In his 20-year career, Suraj has experience in delivering global IT solutions for various businesses, including B2B & B2C Software, Insurtech Solutions, Edutech Solutions, Consulting, Sports & Entertainment, and Banking & Financial industries.

His breadth of expertise includes Corporate Strategy, Idea Generation/ Incubation, Business Development, Product Management, M&A and Alliances. He has extensive work experience in building new product development, business incubation and venture development for creating next-generation growth engines from idea to deployment.